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Today we live in very critical time. Today we are building the foundations of our future. So let’s build the good one. Here is some links that I would like to recommend to you. Please read them and formulate your own opinion and then exercise the only freedom you have. This freedom is your right to choose. So choose wisely because our choices today determents our future tomorrow.

Doctorow's Law: Who Benefits from DRM?

Doctorow's Law:

Anytime someone puts a lock on something you own, against your wishes, and doesn't give you the key, they're not doing it for your benefit.


TOC 09 "Digital Distribution and the Whip Hand: Don't Get iTunesed with your eBooks" -- Cory Doctorow

Firefox: about:config

Here are some configuration options for Firefox that you can find useful. I have learn about them from Tekzilla.

Supported Events & Campaign Results

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BMW E46 tips and tricks to hidden functions

  1. When the temperature drops below 37 F degrees, the car beeps to let you know to watch out for icy roads. Also, the rear defroster comes on.
  2. You can read the odometer with the car off; all you have to do is press the needle on the left.
  3. When car is off, hit the volume knob on the radio the radio turns on (it only works with 02 decks)
  4. There is a "secret" compartment underneath my car's armrest and a Coin box in center console.
  5. There is a trunk release right above the hood release (not on all cars)

Beginners Guide for Linux

Yesterday (12-Aug-2007) I read series of articles by Kim Brebach:

13 reasons why Linux won't make it to a desktop near you

Is Linux Really Ready for Simple Users? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
and Part 8

It was wonderful and expiring experience. Kim is excellent writer and very entertaining. He made 13 very interesting observations about way the so called end user will not see Linux on their desktop. I don’t like to go into argument is he right or wrong, but at the same time I notice that he mist the main reason. I will get back to this in the minute.

HowTo: Install ImageMagick on CentOS

ImageMagick is very useful image processing kit. It has been used by many web servers to speed-up image processing and bandwidth optimization. If you are running Drupal or Gallery2 you can improve the performance of your web site. If your site is hosted by web host provider probably your only need to enable Drupal or Gallery2 to use ImageMagick. If your web site is running on your own server, you might need to install ImageMagick yourself.

HowTo: Speed your Acrobat Reader

Today (18th-August-2007), I saw cool tip on CNET TV.

Acrobat Reader is really great free program, but with every new release from Adobe it becomes more big (disk size), slow and really hungry for system resources. The main reason for that is adding new features. The problem is that most of user never uses them. As result many programmers start writing on PDF viewers. Some of them are really great, but the main problem with all of them is that they need time to be updated after each new release from Adobe. I found out that many time I can't open some PDFs with 3-td party viewers.

HowTo: Enable USB 2.0 Support Moka5 Live PC.

UPDATE: The new LivePC Engine allows to enable USB 2.0 support in 'Advanced' section of your livePC configuration.

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